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My notes about Advent of Code 2020 (Python/Rust)

I’m a bit late to the party, but one of the highlights of the end of year 2020 for me has been to solve all of 2020’s Advent of Code problems. I shared my solutions on Github. This draft with a few notes about the things I learnt has been lying on my drive for a while, it was time to dust it off.

My favorite problems of 2020

Not all problems are awesome but many will provide a great high to those who chase this kind of thing. The problems are well balanced for people who want a challenge but who are not into competitive programming.

Here are some of the cool problems with a reasonnably clean solutions (haha, not quite. rereading my code 4 months later, it’s super messy), and/or where I have learnt something. In some instances (eg day 2 or 10b), after solving the problem I looked for a better solution thanks to the community.

Other nice retrospectives:

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