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Listing DelayedJob cron jobs and schedules

A small helper that I sometimes have to run on different machines. Out of all the jobs, it finds those registered as cron tasks, and displays their schedule in yaml (the y function).

cron_jobs = Delayed::Job.where('cron is not null')
y ( do |c| [c.handler.match("job_class: (.*)\n")[1], c.cron] end)
- - SomeJob
  - 0 6 * * *
- - SomeOtherJob
  - 0 0 * * *
- - AgainAnotherJob
  - "* * * * *"
- - YetAnotherJob
  - 0 0 1 * *
- - ComplexScheduleNotificationJob
  - 0 10 * * 1,2,3,4,5,6

Not the most robust code out there for sure. Yet robustness and clarity are not what you always need, and these 2 lines can be pasted in a rails console quite easily.

Another option when you want to mess with this jobs in the console is to parse the job_class using the Yaml component:

Delayed::Job.pluck(:handler).map { |h|  YAML.load(h).job_data["job_class"] }.group_by{|x| x}.map {|k, v| [k, v.count] }

Aaaaand another useful command is to list the error count. Here is a quick and dirty way: it takes the first line of the stack trace, strips the numbers (ids) and sorts the errors by count:

y Delayed::Job.where.not(last_error: nil).pluck(:last_error).map {|e| e&.lines[0].tr('0123456789', '')}.tally.sort_by(&:last)

Also, sometimes you want the objects that lead to these errors:

y Delayed::Job.where("last_error ilike '%worksheet%'").pluck(:handler).map { |h|  YAML.load(h).job_data["arguments"] }
- - _aj_globalid: gid://app/SomeModel/23648
- - _aj_globalid: gid://app/SomeModel/2364

Finally, in order not to lose some jobs, it can be useful to have dedicated queues:

$ bin/delayed_job --queue=mailers -n 4 start
delayed_job.0: process with pid 227532 started.
delayed_job.1: process with pid 227534 started.
delayed_job.2: process with pid 227539 started.
delayed_job.3: process with pid 227543 started.

$ bin/delayed_job --pool=active_storage_analysis:6 --pool=mailers:2 start  

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